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The difference between good and exceptional is Giraffe360

Quality matters, especially when it comes to presenting property on virtual tours. Our market leading camera provides you with unparalleled experiences. Win more, sell more, let more.

Why have virtual tours become an real estate essential asset?

Over the past 5 years demand for virtual tours have grown significantly. The new technology gives businesses the chance to better showcase their stock. For instance it allows prospects living overseas a simple way to interactively view property without having to physically travel to the location.

The ability for clients to view property in an immersive and engaging way has a range of benefits. With Giraffe you can provide a fully compatible service that enables your client to view on the move or at home, your client can view the property via smart device or a computer/laptop. When compared to static images and videos the virtual tours offer a more accurate and realistic platform to make decisions. A virtual tour also ensures business continuity in challenging environments.

  • Expose property internationally
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Win more business
  • On-demand 24/7 availability
  • Faster sale/let cycles
  • Detailed propety views
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Time saving
  • Hassle free asset creation
  • Build client trust and confidence
  • Increased engagement
  • Protecting staff and clients
  • Integrations with websites and portals

How can virtual tours increase my business revenue?

Businesses see huge benefits from virtual tours, not only for your clients but also across key metrics.

Win business

Win more business from vendors and landlords by offering all advertising channels

Accelerate sales/lets

Use engaging virtual tours to gain more viewings by providing engaging experiences.

Time efficiency

Reduce time consuming calls from clients and filter out those who have no intention to buy.

Cut costs

Reduce time from going back and forth on property viewings and not having to pay for expensive external services to generate assets.

Website traffic increase

Gain more click throughs to your website from better search engine rankings.

Reduce website bounce rates

Increase your website 'stickiness' from better virtual experiences.

Marketing opportunities

Utilise virtual tours to gain more social media traction. A good property has the chance to go viral!

Browser Compatibility

Giraffe ensures that your virtual tours can be viewed across all devices; smart devices, computers and laptops

Giraffe360 camera

Virtual tour stat pack

Take a look at the virtual tour statistics and see what you can expect to benefit from when you choose Giraffe for your tours.

  • 87%

    More views*
  • 54%

    Demand virtual tours*
  • 5-10x

    Longer site visits*
  • 45%

    Engagement uplift*
  • 130%

    Booking increase*

*Data taken from Giraffe360, LCP, Mass Interact and Digital in the round