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Remote viewings 2 mins

Fully featured dual control remote viewings. For any agent looking for business continuity and unparalleled experiences.

Market leading 2 mins

Take a look at our recent video that details the performance and savings you could make by joining the Giraffe360 revolution.

Simple & versatile 2 mins

Ever wondered how easy Giraffe is to use? We invited three real estate agents to join us in creating their portal and website marketing assets.

Interview with Simon Whale 12 mins

Simon Whale from Kerfuffle spoke to our Head of Commercial about Giraffe's features and benefits.

Interview with Kontor 2 mins

We spoke to Kontor about how they use Giraffe and the results they've seen.

Game changing technology 2 mins

Take a look at Giraffe and the key features that it offers to the real estate market.

Interview with Eugin Song 2 mins

We spoke to Eugin Song at RentLondonFlat about how Giraffe benefits his business.