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Subscription packages

Our flexible and tailored subscription packages offer a solution for every business, whether you're an independent or large corporate. Avoid high product costs with our affordable packages.

The ultimate pricing solution for your business

We understand businesses are constantly growing and our unique pricing and tailored packages flex to your business demands, there's a Giraffe360 package waiting for you.


Customisable packages that are tailored to your business needs


Avoid high up-front fees with Giraffe's free cameras & accessories


Giraffe will scale with you as your business grows

Support services

As part of your package you will benefit from a plethora of professional services

Why do businesses prefer subscription?

Fixed costs

Static monthly operating costs allows businesses to budget

Access to new features

Rather than needing to upgrade you'll have immediate access to new features

Personalised experience

Our professional services team build a 1-2-1 relationship with all clients

Free technology

As part of your package you will benefit from free cameras and accessory packs

Inclusive hosting

You'll get free hosting to ensure you keep your costs to a minimum


Our subscriptions give access to all of the standard platforms e.g. desktops, smart phones, laptops

Giraffe camera with tripod

Sounds great, but how much does it cost?

Like choosing a new mobile phone and associated contract, every package price is different as they are tailored to business needs. We can't definitively supply a monthly subscription cost without going through your current usage and future growth plans.

Every business package is carefully crafted to deliver precisely what you need at a price you can afford. There are a couple of features that are consistent throughout every client package;

  • Free tech; 360 cameras, protective case, stability tripods and WiFi enablement
  • Business development and management support
  • Training; camera usage, online services, storage
  • Professional editing; photography, virtual tours, remote viewings and floor plans
  • Account support

Get more for less with Giraffe

We offer a diverse set of subscription packages to suit every business' needs, whether you're a small start-up to a large corporate, our packages will be tailored to you. As part of ALL our subscription packages you will benefit from a variety of professional equipment and support services.

Giraffe camera case

FREE Protective camera case

A robust carry case to protect your most important asset

Top of Giraffe360 camera

FREE cameras

Rather than paying high up-front fees for equipment, we offer our camera free.

Giraffe360 stability tripod

FREE Stability tripod

Capturing stunning imagery requires perfect stability, our tripod delivers exactly that

Giraffe360 Wifi enablement image

FREE Wi-Fi enablement

Minimise your workload with our Wi-Fi connectivity automatically uploading your imagery

Your support teams

Your support network starts at the very beginning, we help to guide businesses all the way from package design through to training and key account management.

Training team

Business development team

Our experts will help find you the perfect service package

Training team


Our training team will get you up to speed


Pro. editing

You'll be supported by expert photography, video and floor plan editors

Account support team

Account support

Enjoy extensive professional support