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Dual guided remote viewings

Save time and money with our dual guided remote viewings. Our unique technology provides you and your clients with unparalleled experiences.

Why are remote viewings so important?

Remote viewings have quickly taken over the real estate sales process, clients now expect to be able to access virtual tours 24/7. But what's all the fuss about and why should you join the revolution? There are a plethora of benefits to agents are enjoying;

  • Sell/let fast
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Fewer viewings but greater intent
  • Time efficient - reduction in time wasters
  • 24/7 access to assets
  • Staff and client security
  • Staff trained on all properties
  • Flexible dual controlled viewings
  • Sell property using traditional methods
  • Compatible on smart phones and computers

As part of the Giraffe package, we also provide virtual tours for property portals and your website. Find out more about our virtual tours here.

Remote viewings have the ability to increase your business revenues

When making any new business decision there are a couple of key questions that are always raised; what's the cost and ROI, along with potential risk. Remote viewings are now among the most important asset to real estate agents, their ability to provide business benefits are unmatched.

Win more business

When promoting your service package to a prospective landlord or vendor the draw of remote viewings and their benefits provide you with the perfect USP.

Accelerate sales/lets

Using remote viewings gives buyers and tenants the chance to make faster decisions thanks to providing an on-demand platform.

Time efficient

Save time on conducting physical viewings by carrying out remote viewings and being able to quickly filter out time-wasters.

Reduce operating costs

Not requiring costly external services allows you to save up to 90% off your traditional property marketing assets. You can also save on viewing travel costs.

Free website benefits

Gain more click throughs to your website from better search engine rankings and reduce website bounce rates from more engaging visual assets.

Marketing opportunities

Utilise remote viewings to gain more social media traction. A good property has the chance to go viral!

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Remote viewing on laptop screen
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The remote viewing stat pack

Take a look at the statistics from the remote viewing market. We took time to aggregate data from a wide range of sources to inform and advise on why agents are migrating to Giraffe

  • 800%

    Market uplift*
  • 4-9%

    Sale price uplift*
  • 4x

    More leads*
  • 31%

    ToM decrease*
  • 74%

    Instruction increase*

*Data taken from Giraffe360 and The Negotiator