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Win more, sell more and let more with premium real estate photography

Selling and letting property online is tough, Giraffe360 provides stunning photography for property portals and your business website.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Premium photography is a must when it comes to selling or letting real estate, it can be the difference between generating a lead and not. Photographs need to portray a property accurately and present the best features - a way to get a ahead of your competitors.

The balance between saturating clients with good photography and poor images can be a fine balance, it is always better to show fewer good pictures than lots of bad ones.

Giraffe's photography provides a range of benefits;

  • Professionally edited images
  • 96MP premium photos
  • Sell/let fast
  • No need for expensive photographers
  • Simple 2-button interface
  • Sensitive image blurring
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Time saving
  • Website and portal ready
  • Emailed to you

To partner our photography services, you also get virtual tours, remote viewings and floor plans.

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Why you should migrate to Giraffe

  • Affordable - our market leading camera is supported by affordable subscription packages that are tailored to your business needs. You won't be paying over the odds when you join us.
  • Cost saving - reducing costs is a bonus for every business and Giraffe can support you to achieve this. Rather than paying for costly photography services, our 4-in-1 camera can help you to slash your costs by up to 90%.
  • Trusted - we have been providing our camera to some of the biggest UK and international business across 26 territories.
  • Simplicity – our camera was built with simplicity at its core, the simple to use 2-button interface and fully automated room scanning will provide you with all the assets required within a couple of minutes.
  • Speed – gaining time efficiency is important to every business, Giraffe creates virtual tours, remote viewings, photography and floor plans fast.
  • Free cameras & support packages - unlike other suppliers we are able to provide our cameras for free, you'll also get all the accessories you need and access to professional support teams.
  • Quality - providing quality assets is paramount to winning more business and selling/letting more. When it comes to quality, Giraffe is a market leader that ensures you will deliver unparalleled experiences that accelerate your business.
  • Compatibility - clients now expect an on-demand service that can be accessed through every device. Giraffe enables you to conduct remote viewings on every platform, as well as giving you the capability to load assets onto all property portals and your website.