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How it works

With simplicity at its heart, the Giraffe features one of the easiest to use 2-button interfaces on the market

The simplest to use camera on the market

It may seem like a long and daunting task creating your marketing assets for portals. Photographers spend significant time and effort developing assets and it's for this reason they carry such high costs for photography, virtual tours, remote viewings and floor plans. Giraffe takes all these complex tasks and puts them into one camera with only 2's really that simple. Why pay for high-cost photographers when you could do it yourself in as little as 3 minutes per room?

1. Setup the camera

Remove the camera from its secure travel case and place it on top of your stability tripod

2. Automatically scan the room

Simply click the button on the camera and step back as the camera creates your photography, floor plans, virtual tours and remote viewings. Once complete, simply connect the camera to your Wi-fi and everything is sent to your professional editing team.

3. Sit back and relax

Once our team have received all your 'hard work', they will, where relevant, optimise imagery to ensure you're provided with the very best assets. And that's it...your imagery and video assets will be emailed to you OR you can retrieve them from your free, unlimited, hosting platform.
It's really that simple

Sounds great, but how much does it cost?

Like choosing a new mobile phone and associated contract, every package price is different as they are tailored to business needs. We can't definitively supply a monthly subscription cost without going through your current usage and future growth plans.

Every business package is carefully crafted to deliver precisely what you need at a price you can afford. There are a couple of features that are consistent throughout every client package;

  • Free tech; 360 cameras, protective case, stability tripods and WiFi enablement
  • Business development and management support
  • Training; camera usage, online services, storage
  • Professional editing; photography, virtual tours, remote viewings and floor plans
  • Account support