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98%+ accuracy floor plans

The cost of providing inaccurate floor plans can be high. Giraffe gives you the confidence by providing 98%+ accuracy floor plans.

High accuracy floor plans

Presenting accurate floor plans has never been more important. Recently property prices have been slashed by agents mismeasuring property. Thanks to Giraffe's in-built Laser LIDAR technology you are able to mitigate this risk via its highly accurate floor plan measurement capability.

  • 98%+ accuracy floor plans
  • Floor plans created in as little as 3 minutes
  • Fully automated room scanning
  • No need for expensive photographers
  • Simple 2-button interface
  • Combine floor plans with virtual tours
  • Reduce property negotiation
  • Time saving
  • Website and portal ready

Giraffe also combines the perfect marketing asset package by providing all other key services; virtual tours, remote viewings and photography.

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Inaccurate floor plans could cost your business

Recent studies from a variety of sources have found that floor plans often carry significant discrepancies in property/room measurement. These discrepancies, in some cases, see agents - driven by inaccurate photgraphy service contractors - marketing property for a greater price than it's worth. But what does this mean for agents?

Where property measurements are found to be larger than physical size, a buyer is able to significantly negotiate a price down based on the local cost per square metre.

There is no cap on negotiation which puts the buyer in a strong position to make large in-roads into devaluaing a property. The impact of property de-valuing is profound; the agent receiving less in commission and can also lead to the loss of future business from the client's perceived inability for the agency to provide accurate information.

Don't get caught out!

As part of the Giraffe subscription package you will also benefit from market leading virtual tours, dual guided remote viewings and premium 96MP photography. Take a look to find out more.

What are the benefits of using Giraffe for accurate floor plans?

Speed efficiency

Giraffe's fast room scanning feature enables you to create floor plans, virtual tours, remote viewings and photography within as little as 3 minutes.

Reduce operating costs

By removing the requirement for expensive external contractors, Giraffe can save you up to 90%.

Mitigate risk

The high accuracy floor plans can prevent the risk of loss in revenue

Complete package

As part of your floor plans package you also receive virtual tours, remote viewings and photography at no extra cost.

Free cameras & support packages

Unlike other suppliers we are able to provide our cameras for free, you'll also get all the accessories you need and access to professional support teams.

Giraffe360 camera

Floor plan stat pack

Giraffe is the perfect solution when capturing accurate floor plans. It's critical to provide the estate agent basics and Giraffe does just that.

  • 98%+

  • 3 mins*

    Fast scans
  • 90%

    Potential saving

*Big room sizes may take longer