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Frequently asked questions

Find out more about Giraffe360. If you were wondering, we haven't answered things like; 'how is the camera so accurate?', 'how did you make the camera a market leader?'

Frequently asked questions

See below for the most regularly asked questions our team deal with. Want to find out more? Let's start the conversation!

We run a subscription pricing model that enables you to avoid large up front fees e.g. camera costs. Due to this, every package is different as it’s tailored to your agency’s needs. Due to the nature of our tailored subscription packages every price is different. As standard our packages include cameras and associated equipment, as well as professional editing teams, client support teams, training and ongoing support.

The camera does everything at a click of a button, you will no longer need to pay for expensive photography, virtual tour and floor plans. Thanks to not requiring external services you can save up to 90% off your traditional costs.

Giraffe services are tailored to the real estate market however, we are open to discuss how the camera can apply to your industry. To date we have worked with real estate agents and car manufacturers.

It's more than likely that we can provide our services in your country. We currently operate in 26 countries.

Our camera - providing 4 agent services (virtual tours, dual guided remote viewings, photography, floor plans) - offers a market leading platform. We also provide a very affordable subscription pricing model that avoids high up front costs and can save agents up to 90% off traditional costs.

We offer free, no obligation 1-2-1 20 minute virtual camera demostrations. In the demonstration you will see all the camera has to offer, as well as getting a tailored subscription package cost.

Currently we do not offer a online pricing system, all prices can be discussed by contacting us.

Other 360 camera suppliers charge high up front fees and equipment costs. Our subscription packages include free cameras, accessories (stability tripods, travel cases etc), training, ongoing support and professional services; editors, product support, business development planning.

Other questions

Take a look below at some of our slightly less asked questions. If you still need help then you can contact us by clicking either 'book a demo' or 'get a price'.

Q. How quick does it scan?

The camera can scan an average sized room within 3 minutes, the scan will include all photography, virtual tours, dual guided remote viewings and floor plans.

Q. Do I still need a photographer to do my imagery or videos?

No, the camera provides all these services at a click of a button.

Q. Does the camera do everything at once?

Yes, you will only need to scan a room once and all your property portal and website assets will be complete.

Q. Do I have to pay for the camera and accessories?

No, the camera and accessories come free with your subscription package. The only cost is the postage charge.

Q. Is VAT included in plan prices?

Yes, all prices include VAT.

Q. Will I pay more for some features?

No, all features are included e.g. imagery hosting

Q. How quick are the property assets returned to me?

We aim to have all your assets back to you within 48 hours however, this could be quicker or slower.

Q. Can I put the assets into CAD?

We can provide you with an SVG that you can put into CAD

Q. Can I put all the assets onto all the property portals and my website?

Absolutely, all the assets are provided in a compatible format that supports property portals and business websites.