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Giraffe360, game-changing technology for real estate.

The camera itself was developed with couple of things in mind, to provide an elite level product that provides affordable market leading technology, drives down costs and provides operational efficiency to real estate market.

Giraffe can reduce costs by up to 90% by removing the need for specialists to come and take photographs, floor plans and virtual tours.

Once the concept and product were in manufacture it was time to establish a pricing model that supported agents. We knew that other technology brands demonstrated high up-front costs and high ongoing service costs, this would often price agents out of virtual tours and remote viewings - armed with this insight we were able to establish our unique and affordable pricing model. Our subscription model is highly flexible, allowing businesses to tailor the perfect package that supports their demands.

Having gone through 280% rapid expansion in 2020, we are quickly becoming the industry's biggest technology disruptor.

Backed by tech investors Hoxton Ventures, LAUNCHub Ventures, Hardware Club’s HCVC, we're rapidly and exponentially growing as one of the most talked about names in the real estate agent PropTech space. Our innovative new approach to estate agent photography, floor plans and virtual tours offers a 'under one roof' proposition to agents looking gain a competitive advantage, whilst attracting and winning more business from landlords, vendors and buyers.

Our cutting-edge technology includes a fully automated 360 room modelling camera that incorporates a market leading 270 mega-pixel and lidar laser technology to deliver the highest quality photography, floor plans and virtual tours – we are proud to say that their virtual tours are the best on the planet, thanks to the 270 mega-pixel resolution virtual tours.

Many people fear new technology and its risk to their current business practises, we realised this 'technology tentativeness' and built the simplest interface on the market, the camera uses a two-button interface that, at a click of a button, automatically scans a room within as little as 3 minutes, once completed the camera will automatically – via WiFi – send the stitched imagery to the cloud where the user can download the completed imagery, floor plans and virtual tours via an online management portal – it's really that simple.

With the world seeing a tightening approach to property accessibility for viewings and valuations, we are providing the perfect solution for those wanting to maintain their business in challenging times.

The shift in business and consumer expectation means that we are poised to support increasing demand, technological enhancements and simplicity. Consumer expectation is quickly transitioning from attending physical viewings to an instant 'on-demand' service that can quickly help guide decisions. We have found that this increases operational efficiency for agents as it helps to filter out consumers with a true interest and those just wanting to peruse.

Our impressive portfolio of clients including, RE/MAX, CBRE and Emaar (one of the largest property developers in the Middle East), goes some way to disclose the attractiveness and demand for Giraffe360.

4 services, 1 camera

  • Virtual tours
  • Dual-guided remote viewings
  • Photography
  • Floor plans


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Customer rating (good to very good)88.8%
Ease of use75%